Trusting us with the care of your pet is the greatest of compliments.


  • Wellness Care
    Wellness Care

    Keeping your cat or dog in great shape is our goal that is why a routine wellness examination is very important and we recommend it at least one a year.

  • Dental Care
    Dental Care

    We know that oral and dental care are very important to maintain your pet’s good health

  • Diagnostic Services
    Diagnostic Services

    Advance diagnostic services are especially important in our practice

  • Surgery

    We are able to perform many different types of procedures providing gentle care using advanced veterinary surgical techniques

  • Equine Medicine
    Equine Medicine

    Wellness care includes everything from annual physical examinations, routine vaccinations, dental exams, fecal exams, and routine de-worming programs.

  • Bovine Medicine
    Bovine Medicine

    Preventative health care is important to the viability of your bovine herd.

  • Small Ruminants Medicine
    Small Ruminants Medicine

    Goats, sheep, alpacas and llamas are quickly gaining popularity as pets and show animals.